Meet the Squad

Dakota Clark

Dakota does most of the editing, and writes a lot for 9-Bit Gaming. In his free time, he's coming up with ideas for videos.
Skills: video-editing, set design
Zombie Apocalypse Weapon: Duel Hatchets
Favorite movie: Trainspotting

Evan Teague

Evan writes a lot of scripts for both 9-Bit Gaming and Squad TV. He also plays bass guitar in Rest Assured, a pop-punk band based in northern Indiana.
Skills: writing, acting
Zombie Apocalypse Weapon: Fire Axe
Favorite director: Quentin Tarantino

Curtis Lyon

Curtis writes most of the scripts for Squad TV. During his sophomore year of high school he fell asleep walking down a staircase.
Skills: writing, digital design
Zombie Apocalypse Weapon: Double-barreled Shotgun
Favorite TV show: Steven Universe

Matt Cabbage

A man of few words, and usually pretty cynical, Matt's the big trendsetter of the group. In his free time he plays a lot of games.
Skills: critiquing, sass
Zombie Apocalypse Weapon: Crowbar (or Assault Rifle)
Favorite Game: Battlefront 2.